For nearly 40 years, tucked away in the tiny town of Edgewood, Iowa you will find Iowa’s largest sawmill. The sawmill harvests many species of wood that grow abundantly in the hills of this Northeast Iowa region and ships wood products throughout the United States and exports to other countries. Our staff is continually looking for ways to reduce waste and utilize more of the log and with our passion of creating well-crafted keepsakes for families across the country is how Kendrick Home wood art came to be. Our designers use real wood bi-product to create new and heartwarming mementos that touch your heart, tickle your funny bone, and enjoy a place of honor in your home. We are proud of our American-made décor, which can be found in stores all over this country. With our future generations in mind, all our products are made from locally sourced and sustainably harvested wood, naturally coming from our forest endeavors. Nothing goes to waste.

Since 1983, the Kendrick family has valued and respected the gifts of the forest. Tim and Rhonda Kendrick started their wood-focused business – Kendrick Forest Products, a sawmill, and logging company that would not only grow and develop to meet many different consumer needs, like furniture, cabinetry, and home décor; they would also showcase the Kendricks’ dedication to maximizing use and reducing the waste of raw material used for production. Today, Kendrick, Inc is 6 companies but 1 team, producing quality wood products.

We are proud of our commitment to forest products and in 2017 we realized a way we could use the excess high-quality grain lumber shims from our manufacturing process and put them to beautiful use.

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The Atlanta Home and Gift Market is where Kendrick Home introduced its line in 2017 and now annually attends Market shows not only in Atlanta, but in Dallas, Las Vegas, and Minneapolis. Kendrick Home uses lumber and shims from our mill in Edgewood, Iowa, and with a staff of talented artists, we create unique one-of-a-kind art pieces for the home. Local photographers and artists also submit artwork and scenic photographs which are sold as part of our art collection and sold wholesale to brick-and-mortar stores across the US. In July 2021 Kendrick Home celebrated shipping its ONE-MILLIONTH sign. Each Kendrick Home piece has a hidden gem, a tree, hidden within the artwork or scenery, which makes it a conversation piece for your home. The work ethic, creativity, loyalty, and imagination of the staff at Kendrick Home will ensure that you have a product that you will love for years to come.

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The Kendrick family has been specializing in bringing the beauty of wood into home since 1973. Don Kendrick, Sr. ran a sawmill in Quincy, IL and moved it to Edgewood in 1976. Don ran the sawmill and his son’s Don Jr. and Tim bought logs to supply the sawmill. In 1983 Don Jr and Tim bought the sawmill from their father and changed the name to Kendrick Forest Products.

In 1985, Tim bought the sawmill from his brother Don Jr. and today Tim and his wife Rhonda are the owners and operators of 5 locations and 6 business ventures and has become the largest sawmill in the state. Tim and Rhonda had the vision to grow the company to share their love of the wood industry with their children and the world.


To create unique hand-crafted sustainable products to put a little home in your décor.


We strive to use our small-town American values to continue to be a leader in creating ways to use excess lumber to design quality products.

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